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Brisbane Bullets provide a pathway

Basketball Hoop

I'm a huge basketball fan, so I was disappointed there was no professional basketball team in Brisbane. The Brisbane Bullets are set to change all that tomorrow night when they take on the Perth Wildcats in their first game back in the NBL. Basketball seems to be a popular sport here so I have high hopes that the team is here to stay this time round.

Apple Stores are just awesome


I'm not a big Apple guy, which is unusual for a web developer in this day and age. Almost all my peers are completely converted to the Apple ecosystem, while I continue to plug away on my Windows and Android machines. But I'll be the first to admit that Apple Stores are just awesome. Forget the attention to detail, attractive furnishings, and quality hardware. I think the number of helpful staff, and their product knowledge is what makes these stores great.

Samsung S Health App is pretty good


The S Health App comes pre-installed on most Samsung phones, and is a central repository for all your health related tracking. I wasn't a big fan of the app initially, preferring to use MyFitnessPal because of its extensive food database. But now that I have a pretty good understanding of what makes up my food, the calorie tracking in S Health has a more than adequate food database. Its actually a lot faster to add foods that you use frequently in the S Health App. It tracks so many things you probably won't use them all, the ones I enjoy most are exercise, heart rate, calories and stress.

Samsung Gear Fit2 value for money

I've been considering a fitness tracker purchase for a long time. I finally found one that ticked all the boxes for my particular needs. In my opinion the Samsung Gear Fit2 is now the best value for money fitness tracker on the market in Australia, for $189 at JB HiFi you get a great looking device, GPS, Heart Rate tracking, email/app notifications, water resistance, and a beautiful display. I don't think anything even comes close when you look at specifications alone.

Foxtel showing more NBA this coming season

Foxtel NBA

It was a pleasant surprise to see that Foxtel are doubling their NBA coverage this coming season. I always felt like 2 games a week on ESPN was just not enough, compared to the popularity of the sport here in Australia. I don't think it will hurt the local NBL either, if anything it will generate more interest in the sport. This will no doubt lead to local basketball fans becoming curious about the professional game domestically. https://www.foxtel.com.au/watch/nba.html

Windows QHD app scaling fix

This has been an issue for me since buying a laptop with a QHD screen, 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution. Some of the apps I use, like Sony Acid Music, think they are able to scale but they can't. You end up with tiny icons and an unusable interface. Luckily there is a way to set these apps right on Windows 10 (and 8.1 also). It involves a simple change to the registry and the creation of a manifest file to override the one built into the application.

Suncorp Stadium will never be the same

My wife has some great work colleagues and friends, the kind that hook you up with two tickets to a corporate box at Suncorp Stadium, on the halfway line, to watch the Brisbane Broncos take on the Penrith Panthers. After years of looking down at those corporate boxes with animosity, I was one of the lucky few to experience how the other other half consumes the footy. It will come as no surprise that the experience was really awesome and exceeded my expectations.

Brooklyn Nets are my 2017 guilty pleasure

Nobody will be expecting much from the Nets this coming season. They will likely be tipped to finish bottom of the East by most experts. However, I'm intrigued by the team and will be following them closely. There are 3 main reasons why. Firstly, Jeremy Lin will be the starting point guard. I love his style of play, always attacking the basket and an underrated passer and play maker. I'm hoping he can establish himself as a bonified starter in the NBA this year. Then there is Anthony Bennet, can he redeem himself after the horror show that was his first few NBA seasons?

Layne and Paryse Popham

My two talented daughters love to sing. I thought I would help them out by building a web site for their growing YouTube fan base. One of their facebook videos had over 230,000 views recently, so they are building quite a following. Plus it gave me another excuse to work with my favourite content management system, Drupal. Check out the new site over at http://layneandparyse.com and give them a follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/layneandparyse

Ben Simmons as advertised so far

I have been impressed with Ben Simmons limited time in the NBA Summer League. He looks right at home out there. His passing game has been fantastic, showing great vision and court leadership. He is destined to make those around him better if he continues this unselfish brand of play. Looking forward to seeing him continue to develop.